New Order of Saint Francis and Saint Clair


                            The Abbey

                 Our Monastery is located on:                5247 Sheridan Street, Detroit, Michigan, 48213.  

We are an urban monastery in an economically challenged neighborhood community.  There are many opportunities for social ministry.

Our Monastery welcomes both men and women, single and married to apply and to join our Franciscan community.

We strive to balance contemplative and charismatic; solitary and communal; eremitical and active ministry. Another major monastic integration is that of celibate men and women and married couples existing side by side without losing their uniqueness.

We wish to live the radical gospel lifestyle for every state of life in one community raised up by the Spirit within the Church.

Most of the work we do at the Abbey consists of gardening, office work, cooking, cleaning and maintenance of the grounds and buildings.  Some may also choose to spend a few hours a week doing some ministry in the nearby towns. Our local outreaches include manning clothes and food pantries, as well as meeting various other needs of the local populations that come to our attention from time to time. Those who wish to join the community that do not have a financial means of support (i.e. Social Security, Pensions etc.) may find work in the nearby community to support the cost of food, clothing, and a proportionate share of the utility expense. We hope to develop a means in the future to become totally self-sufficient as a community to eliminate the need for some to work secular jobs outside the monastery.

A life of prayer is integral to our monastic life.  We celebrate morning and evening prayer and night prayer before the end of the day.  We celebrate the Holy Mass  weekdays at 8:30 AM, and Sundays at 11:00 AM. In addition, our brothers and sisters are encouraged to pray the "Office of Readings" and to spend time every  day in quite contemplation.

Members who are  married couples profess the evangelical counsels of a consecrated life in a way proper to their state in the community. Specifically, chastity means for them fidelity to their mutual vows. Poverty allows for the physical things needed for a couple, and obedience to the religious superiors is part of the Caritas Christi in our community.